Comfort Wide EX8000

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The Comfort Wide EX8000™ Bariatric Bed – Push Button Expandable Width Technology

• Advanced Positioning: Added comfort and treatment with low-chair, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg positioning.

 Comfort Wide™: Bed expands to 48 inches wide without the use of tools for more comfort and flexibility.

• Auto Contour: Reduces patient migration, alleviates skin shearing, and improves staff productivity.

• Low Bed Height: 9″ low height helps reduces fall risk.

• Scale: Optional scale helps keep accurate patient weight.

• Dignity: Provide your bariatric patients with a dignified residential looking solution

• Under Bed Clearance: Full clear span underneath for unobstructed access with lifts or assisting devices

• Easy Storage & Transport: The bed can be un-assembled in minutes and re-assembled to transport in tight spaces. Rental Durable Medical Equipment (DME’s) providers have standardized on this bed as it can meet all needs (standard fully electric low bed, bariatric bed rental, expanded width for additional comfort, low bariatric bed, etc) in their truck when a customer needs specialty rental and bariatric equipment.

• Box Tubular Steel: Construction is made of lightweight tubular steel to maximize strength

• Grid Deck: The grid deck allows for ventilation under mattress in any bed width

• Versatility: The frame has several accessories to customize for any user need


• Deck Height (low position): 9″ (optional 14″)

• Deck Height (high position): 25″ (optional 30″)

• Sleeping Surface: 35″, 39″, 42″, 48″W x 80″L

• Maximum Safe Working Load: 800 lbs.

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