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High-Quality, Reliable Bariatric Products

HB Rehab Services cares about each client as if they are family. We understand our customers’ challenges, and we strive to provide solutions that enhance their lives.

Whether you require a bed or CareChair, you can count on us to sell and assemble high-quality products from the most trusted manufacturers.

Don’t know exactly what you need? Give us a call today!

We Offer a Vast Selection of Bariatric Products

We offer a vast array of bariatric products to our clients to ensure needs are met for a comfortable and safe life.

Bariatric products are essential for many clients, and they must feature outstanding construction and comfort-inducing features. Not all products are built the same! HB Rehab is committed to providing only the highest quality to our clients.


Multiple types and sizes of bariatric beds. Enquire with a team member today to determine which options fit your needs.

Support Surfaces

Among our support services, our 42” and 48” air mattresses are ideally suited for various applications and provide excellent medical support.


Numerous bariatric wheelchairs, accommodating several sizes. Durable and reliable.

Transfer Systems

Systems accommodating different weights for assistance standing up and down.

Bath Safety

Commodes, and shower commodes for assistance using the bathroom and performing basic hygiene.


Many accessories, including respiratory and sleep therapy accessories, negative pressure (wound pump) supplies.

Trust Our Team to Provide You With What You Need

At HB Rehab Services, we are committed to selling and renting the highest quality bariatric products for our clients. No matter what you need, you can trust our team to supply what you require. Contact us today.

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