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Medical Equipment Sales & Rentals

HB Rehab Services provides high-quality and reliable medical equipment for purchase and rentals to our clients. We deliver a wide variety of medical equipment for in-home use and long-term care facilities. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for delivering on our promise of personalized care. Our clients place their trust in our company – and we take that trust seriously. We offer a personalized consultation for every customer.

empty wheelchair

From Wheelchairs to Beds, We’ve Got You Covered

Many of our clients struggle with various health ailments – especially as they grow older. They require increasing assistance to complete everyday tasks. Fortunately, a wide range of products can make life easier for our clients.

We understand that purchasing this equipment is often cost-prohibitive. In some cases, there is no need because the client does not need the equipment permanently.

We invest in reliable medical equipment, so you don’t have to. No matter your circumstances, you can count on our team to provide high-quality equipment rentals. Trust us- We’ve got you covered.
We offer a wide range of products, including:

  • Bariatrics
  • Support Surfaces
  • Mobility Devices
  • Broda Chairs
  • Fall Prevention Equipment
  • And More

Trust Us for Reliable Medical Equipment Sales & Rentals

We care about each of our clients. No matter what you require, we carefully assess your needs to determine the correct equipment. Our experienced team understands the uses of each of our products and can guide you through the difficult process of selecting the right equipment to fit your needs.

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