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Medical Bed Frames and Mattresses

HB Rehab Services is a leader in the field of medical bed frames and mattresses. Throughout the region, we are the go-to destination for medical equipment. Whether you need short-term homecare equipment or looking for solutions for you or your loved one’s safety, we have many options. Our company offers a wide range of medical-grade beds and mattresses available to rent or purchase. These products include bed frames for homecare, low beds, acute setting, bariatric, enclosure, electric beds and accessories. Our products are designed to help reduce falls, enhance comfort, and provide advanced positions for higher acuity needs.

patient bedframe

Our Medical-Grade Beds and Mattresses Promote Better Health

Overall safety is a noteworthy concern for seniors. Unfortunately, many aging adults suffer from chronic pain and other ailments, leading to accidents and falls in the home. In some cases, a traditional bed is no longer safe for the individual. That’s where we come in. We provide bed frames and mattresses that meet the specifications of each of our clients. From Maxi-Rest, hospital-bed-like equipment to semi-electric bed frames, or low beds, we have what you need. Our goal is to provide the highest quality home healthcare equipment, supplies and services to all our clients. This includes:

  • Maxi-Rest
  • Comfort Wide EX5000
  • Comfort Wide EX8000
  • AllCare AC
  • Semi-Electric
  • Full Electric
  • SS RetractaBed SS803
  • Floor Bed 1
  • Posey Bed 8070
  • And More

Contact Us Today for Personalized, Compassionate Services

Our goal is to provide the highest quality home healthcare equipment, supplies and services to all our clients. Our company prides itself on our extensive inventory, outstanding rentals, client support, and our willingness to go the extra mile to take care of our clients. We will create a personalized approach that emphasizes your safety and comfort above all else throughout the process. Client rights, responsibilities, dignity, and confidentiality are of the highest priority in the delivery and follow-up process.

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