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Fall Prevention Equipment

HB Rehab Services understands how important it is to give our clients the tools they need to stay mobile and safe. For many of our clients, trips and falls are a serious concern. They can lead to broken bones and other severe medical conditions that can linger for a long while. Therefore, it is essential to put protections in place to avoid accidents. We offer high-quality fall prevention equipment to our clients, ensuring they can stay safe as they live rewarding, rich lives. We work with noteworthy brands who prioritize quality construction and comfort, ensuring the products we rent and sell will last the long haul and be reliable. Call us now for additional information.

We Offer Repairs on All Fall Prevention Equipment

No matter which option our clients choose, they can count on our team to maintain a productive and long-standing relationship. And that means repairs. Sometimes, equipment can fail. Our clients can contact us immediately if a mechanism stops working or something breaks. Because we know how much they rely on their fall prevention equipment, we arrive at their property promptly. From there, we make the repairs that are needed.

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