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Medical Equipment Set-Up & Delivery in Virginia, North Carolina & West Virginia

HB Rehab Services is a leading medical equipment provider. We serve the community including in-home needs, nursing homes, assisted living, home care agencies and hospice, with quality durable medical equipment and supplies.

One of the reasons we rise above the competition is our dedication to our customers’ needs and safety. We understand that much of what we provide is large and too cumbersome for most clients to set up. We will deliver to your doorstep and install the equipment. We also offer pickup services, invaluable for clients whose need for their product no longer exists.

workers filling delivery truck with boxes

We Provide Delivery Within Days

We understand that time is a factor when you need home healthcare equipment. Because many of our clients have limited mobility, we offer delivery on all products we sell and rent. We place the highest priority on our delivery and follow-up services. And in addition to delivering these products, we also provide assembly services and pickup.

Don’t wait weeks or months for a wheelchair or medical bed. Place your trust in HB Rehab Services.

We Provide Personalized Service to Our Clients

We are on a mission to provide high-quality medical products to our clients. We care about them. Our delivery services are one way we demonstrate our commitment to outstanding customer service. Another is our willingness to put together any product that requires assembly. Much of the equipment we sell and rent requires complicated assembly, but our team possesses the experience and expertise to put it together. More importantly, we understand how to do so correctly, ensuring our clients’ safety above all else.

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